Total Makeover Team

Total Makeover Team

Our Dedicated and Focused Team Members

As always, we look forward to a new season of the Total Makeover Challenge as we get to witness the incredible transformations of both body and mind. And we never stop being amazed at the remarkable resilience and strength displayed by our challengers as this program is not for faint of heart. It takes courage to change, put yourself out there and stay focused through the many challenges presented. But for each of these women that go through the challenge they become STRONGER and more POWERFUL with the belief in themselves that they can CONQUER any-thing life throws at them as THEY ARE WOMEN WARRIORS!

This is why we, The Total Makeover Team, love what we do!!!

Jenny Clough

Founder, Executive Team

I am a mother of 2 amazing kids (now young adults) and married to my university sweetheart and business partner in a local engineering company. I obtained my degree in Psychology at UBC right out of high school, as I have always loved working with people. However I also had an interest to start my own business and a passion for fitness and health. So I trained to be a fitness instructor and became certified in Nutrition. By combining these interests and passions, I opened a Ladies Health and Fitness facility where I was able to help women lose weight and increase fitness levels through mini competitive programs. To provide continued success in one’s fitness and health, I knew a key component was also developing the inner self. Thus the evolvement from fitness and weight loss challenges to the TOTAL MAKEOVER CHALLENGE. TOTAL being the whole person, working and developing on strengthening and empowering not just one’s outside physical self but also working on the emotional well-being of the inner self. Today I am thrilled to have seen many seasons of incredible transformations, both on the inside and the outside and look forward to expanding the TOTAL MAKEOVER CHALLENGE into more cities and changing many more lives.

Trish Warren

Manager,  Media & Film Director, Executive Team

Trish is a small business consultant & trainer in the Lower Mainland. Trish’s passion in life is equipping and training, and her mission in life is to inspire, empower and compel individuals to move into and do what they are passionate about. Trish is a Dalhousie University graduate, where she studied Theatre and Education. Trish loves to film, edit and create memories and stories, while living life to it’s fullest! She has been involved with The Total Makeover Challenge since its inception in 2009. Trish lives in Abbotsford with her wonderful husband Bruce, and has 5 amazing kids.

Laurel Brown

The Journey Continues Coordinator

Laurel is a wife and a mother of 4 adult sons and a grandmother to 1 grandson. In 2010 Laurel was a
sponsor of The Total Makeover Challenge with her lady’s consignment store for 3 years. After closing the
lady’s consignment store, she started part time in ladies’ fashion at Ronald Allan Clothiers in Abbotsford.
While working at Ronald Allan, she helped with the TMC fashion show as Ronald Allan was a sponsor in
2014, 15 & 16. In 2017, Laurel was a challenger in TMC; she finished 6 th and learned so much about
herself and the organization. In May of 2017 she became a board member and a volunteer for TMC. She
loves serving in these roles ever since. In January of 2020, Laurel became the online coordinator of The
Journey Continues, which is an online support group of 190 plus past challengers of The Total Makeover
Challenge. Laurel believes in our programs wholeheartedly and thrives on helping women to live their
best lives. Laurel is proud and excited to lead our new online Total Makeover Challenge.

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