About The Total Makeover Challenge

What Is The Total Makeover Challenge

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why We Do It.

This 18 week program is for adult women who are looking for an opportunity for inner and outer growth.   Please see below the more detailed information on each of the 4 Levels.

Level 1 & 2

Shape Your Needs & Shape Your Foundation

Level One “Shape Your Needs”

The purpose of the first level is to determine the registrant’s “Human Needs” and to provide an awareness of how their needs affect their everyday actions.

Each registrant will receive the Human Needs Assessment which consists of 84 questions designed to uncover their 6 human needs in order of importance to them. With this assessment they will receive a personalized breakdown of how this shows up in their lives based on their personal assessment. They will receive a workbook and a basic understanding of these needs. They will also receive a 30 min 1:1 coaching session to learn how to use this new awareness to enhance their daily lives.

“Learning about your personal top needs and how they play a role in EVERYTHING you do will allow you to take back the POWER & CONTROL in every area of your life.” Just A Girl Like Me Coaching

All registrants will receive this package valued at $150.00.

Due to space availability, a Panel of Experts will review all registrations and determine, based on needs, 30 registrants to continue to Level Two.

Level Two:  “Shape Your Foundation”

The purpose of the second level is to build a foundation. This includes learning about fitness and nutrition, and personal growth. Everyone will start with a fitness program at a local gym to improve cardio health, reshape their body and increase endorphins for improved mental clarity. Nutritional experts will share the importance of healthy eating and help the women to choose a program that works best for them.  A weekend seminar will reveal each participant’s passion and purpose in life while they gain a deeper understanding about who they are at the core. 

Participants will also start blogging on their “transformation journey” on their own profile page and begin practising gratitude on the 100 Days of Happiness.   

This level ends with a community event, The Amazing Race, where everyone celebrates their accomplishments and enjoys a fun family event in partnership with local businesses. 

Level Two Awards will honour the participant’s Growth and Commitment.

While the 30 participants are invited back to the 3rd level of the Total Makeover Challenge for continued education and nutritional support, 15 of the participants will advance to Level Three.

Level 3

Shape Your Community

The purpose of this level is to take the strong foundation that they have built in level 2 and bring their individual skills together to work as a team in building a stronger community.

While continuing with nutrition/fitness coaching they will also learn about leadership, personal working style, team building and public speaking. They will then have the opportunity to use these new skills by being divided up into teams and given the task of organizing and leading team fundraising events.  These events are evaluated on various criteria by local business people who then provide feedback on the different aspects of the event.

This level is where the magic begins with huge growth in participant’s confidence, determination and a CAN DO attitude.  This is where the bonding grows deeper and life long friendships are created. It is also a great time to get to know the community through networking and having such a great feeling of satisfaction by helping local charities.  Proceeds from the fundraisers go to Shape Your World Society Canada and a registered charity of the team’s choice.


This level ends with The Little Black Dress Awards Evening where friends and family are invited to celebrate the participant’s accomplishments.

Level Three Awards will honour participant’s Leadership and Attitude.

While the 30 participants are invited back to the 4th level of the Total Makeover Challenge for continued education and nutritional support, 6 of the participants will advance to Level Four.

Level 4

Shape Your World

The purpose of this fourth and final level is for participants to take everything they’ve learned and offer their new-found talents, strengths and passion to the world.  They will be documenting their journey from the beginning and sharing their transformation story and tips by video to the world. They will attend a Leadership Retreat that will teach them further on their abilities to conquer fears while testing further their physical and mental capabilities.   

The 18 week program ends with a Gala which includes the participants showcasing their new-found confidence along with their fitter and healthier selves.    

Level 4 Awards will honour participant’s Hard Work and Courage.


The amazing confidence and the personal friendships that develop during the challenge is heartwarming.  The feeling of accomplishment is obvious as every-one celebrates together as a community on how these women have grown, evolved and been empowered through the 4 month Total Makeover Challenge.


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